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Who’s Waiting for Them Once They Leave Your High School?

Principals and teachers, we understand your concern. Soon enough the students you’ve poured your lives into will leave for the university or the workplace where they will encounter new people with new ideas. You worry about that. You wonder if they are ready to engage ideas that run counter to everything you’ve taught them.

  • The good news is that the pro-life message can compete in the marketplace of ideas if properly understood and properly articulated. We’ve seen life trajectories changed for the better with just one presentation. We’ve got a pro-life message that can do that.

    I’ve gone to Catholic school my whole life…What I admired most about your presentation to me was this was the first case against abortion that I’ve heard that does not require a leap of faith.—Alex, Philosophy Club President, St. Joseph’s High School
  • Our speakers don’t preach; they engage!

    They capture the attention of large student audiences and hold it for the entire presentation. They focus on the ideas that make abortion plausible to millions of students in the first place. We help them replace bad thinking with good thinking.

  • Nationally, our speakers enjoy an excellent reputation with large Catholic and Protestant high schools. Students get three benefits from an LTI presentation.

    First, pro-life students get a good dose of confidence. They get the tools of thought they need to communicate pro-life views to their friends, and they learn to do it in a minute or less. Second, pro-choice students are challenged to rethink their views and consider evidence they’ve never seen or heard before. Third, post-abortion students find healing through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“We are so grateful that Jannique was able to come to our school and speak! A couple of positives.
1. We were able to get a large number of students interested in our annual March For Life trip (So her effect on them was very tangible)
2. There was a great amount of discussion the rest of the week in religion classes
3. Perhaps the best credit should go to her willingness to talk to smaller groups of students during their religion classes. People said these were the best part of the whole experience, and something I’d be excited to replicate in the future.
4. Her talk was inspiring and the students appreciated having her visit! All in all it was a great day that I’m sure will bear a lot of fruit in the future! Thank you for your flexibility and encouragement. May God bless you!”

Fr. Ed Bresnahan Chaplain, Bishop Ireton High School
Alexandria, Virginia

“Thank you so much for having Jannique come to speak with our community!! She did such a great job speaking to the sophomores about the reasons against abortion while reminding them just how valuable they each are. She also was able to go without any breaks through another 6 periods of classes talking to some senior and freshman classes about abortion. All the while keeping such a positive outlook. You are really blessed to have such a gifted speaker with you at LTI!!
Keep up the good work!”

Clay Bonham Director of Campus Ministry, Mount Saint Joseph High School
Baltimore, Maryland

“I’ve gone to Catholic school my whole life…What I admired most about your presentation to me was this was the first case against abortion that I’ve heard that does not require a leap of faith. You proved your points with science and philosophy….After your talk, people who were in your audience began really talking about the issue.”

Alex, St. Joseph's High School Philosophy Club President, St. Joseph's High School

“I would just like to say that many of the students came to me to find out if they could volunteer to work for your foundation!–they were that touched and moved by Jannique Stewart.  Having had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Stewart after her presentation, we decided that getting the students involved with an organization like Rachel’s Vineyard, would be a good start.  The students have approached me since the retreat, and I will be making contact with RV to get them going.
Thank you again, for sending such a dynamic individual, who was able to make a connection with out students, where they actually sought out an opportunity to make a difference.”

Camille Lewandowski Paramus Catholic High School
Paramus, New Jersey

“Recently, Seth Gruber spoke in a chapel at Upland Christian Academy on the merits of the Pro-Life position. His presentation was clear, concise, and winsome. Our students left the chapel better equipped and more knowledgable. Most importantly, the students learned how to make a case for the Pro-Life view in an attractive manner. After the chapel, Seth took time to meet with the faculty to give suggestions about how we can change our culture and serve in the Pro-Life arena. It was a great experience all around.”

Gabriel Pagel Bible Chair, Upland Christian Academy

“Our thanks to Megan, you, and Life Training Institute!  I thought the presentation was terrific!  She engaged with students wonderfully with down-to-earth explanation of sophisticated and often emotionally-charged ideas, made accessible through lively story-telling, clear examples, compelling logic, and gentle humor.   Megan was gracious in her delivery, respectful of the time constraints that shaped the event, and very kind to make herself available after the presentation to answer individual questions.    Her tone was refreshing, sincere, winning.  I’m sure you must be very proud of her ministry!”

Brother Tom Principal, Malden Catholic High School
Malden, Massachusetts

“Yesterday you came and talked to my high school, Archbishop Spaulding, about pro-life. It made a big difference on how I thought about abortion. I was totally for abortion and I thought that pro-life was just plain stupid. I have totally changed my mind after I listened to the pro-life point of view. Upon watching the video of aborted fetuses, I felt my stomach turn and I thought, “How could anybody do this? How could anyone be so cruel and self absorbed as to kill an unborn baby who doesn’t have a say in that decision?” Then I thought, “Oh my gosh, I think that!” I was totally ashamed at how selfish I had been. Before the assembly, I didn’t want to listen to what you had to say. I was going to nap during your speech…until I saw that video. Now, I am totally changed forever. Keep doing what you do!”

Brittany, age 15

“Michael Spencer came to Lansing Catholic High School and spoke to all of our grade levels, freshman to senior. He did an amazing job of connecting with students of varying ages and backgrounds. I have never before received such positive student feedback about a speaker. Mike delved deep into the abortion debate and yet brought the students along step by step. This was an eye-opener for our students, and even those who were firmly in the pro-life camp found new motivation to go make a difference. We would love to have Mike return again to give us further training in pro-life apologetics.”

Fr. Gordon Reigle Chaplain, Lansing Catholic High School
Lansing, Michigan

“Having spent the last 15 years of my life in Catholic education, I’ve heard a number of excellent pro-life presentations, but none can approach the passion, accessibility, and thoroughness of the presentation you gave at our school. In my opinion, you set a new standard for how pro-life presentations should be done! You’re ability to capture the attention of 1000 teenage students for a full hour on the topic of abortion is the most telling example of how exceptional your presentation was. Both students and adults were fully engaged the entire time.

I attribute the audience engagement to your accessible style of speaking in explaining the heart of the abortion issue. Through the use of relatable examples and powerful analogies, you led our students and staff to the truth that all human life has value, even human life at its earliest stages of development. The concepts of human value and dignity that you presented are nothing new to the abortion issue, but there were many people who really understood if for the first time. Your words and your ministry are truly from the heart of God.

Any community that has the opportunity to hear you speak should take it! They will be enriched and blessed because of it. You are certainly welcome to come back to Saint John Vianney any time. We thank God for giving you such powerful gifts, and we thank you for sharing those gifts with us. May God continue to pour out his grace in your life, and through you change the hearts and minds of those who hear you speak.”

Jeff Johnson Campus Minister, Saint John Vianney
Holmdel, New Jersey

“Michael Spencer is an outstanding pro-life apologist, combining in his presentation compelling autobiographical details (how he came to be a committed defender of vulnerable unborn babies), indisputable scientific evidence (human life begins at conception), disconcerting analogies (abortion has much in common with slavery and the holocaust in that all three target specific groups of people), and natural law arguments about human equality and dignity. His arguments for the pro-life position are excellent, and presented with the right degrees of objectivity, passion, and compassion.”

Prof. Michael M. Jordan Professor of English, Hillsdale College

“Seth Gruber spoke about the sanctity of life at one of the chapels at our school — Crean Lutheran High School. Seth’s message was very biblically sound and his argumentation for the defense of life was flawless. He was willing to stay for over an hour afterwards to speak with those that had further questions about his presentation. He answered every question logically and biblically. I was very pleased with his strong defense of the unborn. God Bless this ministry.”

Timothy Unke Campus Pastor, Crean Lutheran High School

“It was excellent in every respect. Jannique’s slides were clear and attractive. Her manner of speaking was friendly and engaging, but she was also logically rigorous at the same time. She really made the students think. She also covered all the topics I hoped she would in the limited time we allotted her, and she approached the whole subject in a very sensitive way. If she is ever in town again, let us know!”

Jon Clausing Director of Campus Ministry, Lutheran High School of St. Charles County
St. Peters, Missouri

“Megan did an excellent job.  She connected with our students and held their attention.  Chapel is sometimes a tough gig because the students are required to be there.  She kept their attention.  Her approach to the difficult subject was thoughtful and challenging.  She did not use an emotional approach to the subject of abortion.  She used a very logical, thoughtful, and challenging approach which I really liked. I was somewhat nervous about the video. At first I did not want her to show it because I was afraid of a negative response.  We talked and after she explained how she was going to use it, I agreed to let her show it. IT worked out fine and I did  not receive any negative response from the video.  Megan told me that there were other speakers who travel and speak on the subject of life.  I want to use someone next year who speaks from the same perspective as Megan. I was very pleased and want to stay in touvh as she moves west….

Thanks for all you do to educate students on this subject.”

George Loutherback Chaplain, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

“Once again, I have to say having Jannique visit our school is a true blessing every time. She has such a wonderful, upbeat spirit and speaks the Truth about life with so much love and understanding for her audience. She delivers a powerful, relevant message using technology and references to pop culture- captivating our students and inviting them to think critically about the human rights issue of our day. She also went out her way to stop in classrooms and cafeteria for some Q & A interaction.

Thanks again for all the Life Training Institute does and thanks to the benefactor who made this possible!”

Fr. John A. Rossi, S.T.L. Director of Catholic Identity, Paul VI High School
Haddonfield, New Jersey

“Jannique did an outstanding job; she was clear in her voice, and the message was delivered in a very welcoming but informed tone. She connected with the students and engaged well with our young men. It was all science and facts with no hysteria or emotionalism, which frequently turns people away from the topic.

As I looked around, it was clear they were listening with interest and respect. Jannique is a great rep for your institution. Jannique was able to tailor her remarks for an all male audience, and that was very effective. One of our long time priests said it’s the best pro-life presentations he’s heard in 30 years! Thanks!”

Fr. James Day DeMatha Catholic High School
Hyattsville, Maryland

“The chapel presentation by Megan Almon was all we had hoped for and more. She did a masterful job presenting the very thought provoking and biblically clear position on the value of life from the beginning.
Not only was the chapel a special time, but Megan made herself available to classes afterward to allow students to ask questions and learn more. I heard nothing but appreciation and positive comments about her engaging way of interacting with our high school students. I firmly believe our students and staff are in a much better position to talk in a reasoned way about the issue of     who the unborn really is and the implications that flow from that issue.
Thanks again for your help. I would encourage other schools to consider the opportunity to prepare young people to intelligently and gracefully express a position that honors life and the God who creates it from that very first cell.”

Len McWilliams Headmaster, Calvary Christian School
Columbus, Georgia

“Megan is a polished and professional presenter and her presentation had quite an impact on our school. I will try to give some sense of just how powerful and on target her presentation was.

First the comments.  Many students said it was the best presentation we had offered in their four years at Divine Child.  Teachers complemented me on bringing in such a polished and effective speaker.  My principal said that in his fourteen years of being in Catholic education it was the best he had seen.

Students were particularly impressed by the way Megan presented a logical case for the pro-life position.  Many students said it “just made sense to them.” after hearing her speak.  Students also liked the fact that she strongly disagreed with the pro-choice position without demonizing those who might hold it.  She reminded the students several times that there are real human beings, hurting human beings, on all sides of the issue.  Megan even reached some of our most aloof students whose favorite answer is usually the opposite of whatever the Church teaches.

After presenting for two hours straight Megan then took questions from a group of students who stayed behind.  The ease with which she answered these students questions, some of which were very difficult, and the deep level of knowledge that she displayed while doing so was very impressive.  Some people are good at delivering a presentation, others at responding on the fly.  There are very few people who can do both really well.  Megan is one of those.

Megan even spent time in some of our classrooms later in the day.  This was really an unexpected bonus.  It was also very gracious of her after an already long day.

I would tell anyone who is thinking of inviting Megan into their school to do it.  Don’t hesitate.  Get her on your calendar as soon as you can.  It will be one of the best decisions you will make this year.  You will get a professional, lively, smart presentation.  You will get a presenter who is fluent in logic, philosophy, and science when presenting the case for life but also one who always keeps Christ unambiguously at the center.  We were blessed to be able to get Megan Almon to speak to our school.”

Marc Sierra Campus Minister, Divine Child High School
Dearborn, Michigan

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Scott Klusendorf at Heritage Christian High School, Cleveland, OH

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