We train others to save lives. That’s what we’re all about.

Equipping Christians to Defend Their Unborn Neighbors Since 2004

Life Training Institute (LTI) exists for one purpose: to empower others with the knowledge and conviction necessary to make a case for life that changes hearts and minds. We’ve trained thousands over the years to make a case for life based on science and philosophy, and they’re equipped to do it in one-minute or less.

Our Mission

Life Training Institute trains Christians and pro-life advocates to persuasively defend their views in the marketplace of ideas by clearly presenting the pro-life position in live events and through the full use of modern media.

Though our arguments are rooted in science and philosophy, the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to our presentations and our goals as it is the means by which the suffering, guilt, and division caused by this issue are healed and people are restored.


Our Methods

Our mission is simply stated as the training of others to defend the sanctity of human life. Our methods for serving that mission include but are not limited to:

  • Live presentations in schools and universities.
  • Speaking at pregnancy center banquets to help raise their needed financial support while equipping and motivating their donors.
  • Interviews and discussions on radio programs and other media outlets.
  • Debates organized by university campus student organizations to demonstrate how a reasonable, rational and convincing dialogue can be managed at an academic level.
  • The publication of books and articles.
  • The use of Internet tools and networks to reach our audience.

The LTI Speaking Team

Our speakers don’t preach; they engage! They’ve mastered the moral logic of the pro-life position and make the best arguments understandable to both Christian and non-Christian listeners.

Scott Klusendorf
Scott Klusendorf
Atlanta, GA
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Jannique Stewart
Chesterfield, MO
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Leslie Neal Segraves
Tampa, FL
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Your Next Event Can Save Lives


Life trajectories are altered in a moment. Give your students the training they need now in order to make logically informed decisions for themselves, and defend the unborn with others, for the rest of their lives.

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Pregnancy Resource Centers depend on strong banquet speakers to help move donors from attitudinal opposition to abortion to behavioral opposition to abortion. LTI’s speakers can do just that to help you expand your impact.

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LTI speakers will engage your audience with content that inspires them to take action.

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