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Life trajectories are altered in a moment. Give your students the training they need now in order to make logically informed decisions for themselves, and defend the unborn with others, for the rest of their lives.

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Pregnancy Resource Centers depend on strong banquet speakers to help move donors from attitudinal opposition to abortion to behavioral opposition to abortion. LTI’s speakers can do just that to help you expand your impact.

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Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people over the years, LTI speakers are well prepared to engage your large audiences with content and a delivery that inspires them to take action.

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“When it comes to the controversial issues of our day, it’s really difficult to actually get to a point where you get light instead of just heat, where you actually get calm, reasoned discussion instead of just a bunch of flame throwing and mud slinging, and that’s why I love LTI. All of their speakers are committed to defending something that’s extremely important — the dignity of all human life, including, and especially, the unborn. But they’re committed to doing it in a gracious, compassionate way. I’ve seen thousands — literally thousands — of students trained from the speakers of LTI, like Scott and the other part of his team, and when they leave, they’re not only equipped personally to think well about the life issue, they are actually equipped to take and use those same arguments. It’s some of the most repeatable, usable, and articulate training that I’ve ever seen done in any area—and it’s done in one of the most controversial issues of our day, the issue of abortion. And so without reservation, I recommend the work of LTI. If you’re a school administrator, bring them in, let them train your students. You’ll see the difference in their thinking and in their action immediately.”

John Stonestreet Co-host of BreakPoint, The Chuck Colson Center

“I am so grateful for the work of Scott Klusendorf and the Life Training Institute. Scott began training me in pro-life apologetics when I was a college student back in 1999. Because of his inspirational example, intentional formation, and encouraging guidance, I am a full-time pro-life apologist and have been for almost two decades. Scott has a brilliant mind and winsome personality. He knows how to kindly communicate truth, build bridges, and guide people over to the reasonableness of the pro-life perspective. He is a courageous leader, tireless fighter, and excellent teacher.”

Stephanie Gray President, Love Unleashes Life, Maple Ridge, BC

“We had something happen that we have never experienced and it was something that you can’t put a price tag on—six pro-choice people specifically told us they rethought their stands on abortion and some of them are now pro-life! Our total raised at this point is $246,000—which comes to $351 per person, one of our best nights ever. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!…The banquet was absolutely awesome! Scott Klusendorf did a fantastic job and was so easy to work with. I was very thankful for how he mingled and talked with the guests. We have received many comments that Scott was the best speaker that we have ever had! He handled everything perfectly!”

Faye Hill President and CEO, Low Country Pregnancy Center
Charleston, SC