“The 5-Minute Pro-Lifer”


Issue #1: How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views In 5 Minutes or Less
Here’s how to make a rational case for life in 3 easy steps.

Issue #2: Is Embyonic Stem Cell Research Morally Complex?
Research that destroys one human being so that another may benefit is immoral.

Issue #3: Toddler Tactics: How to Simplify the Abortion Debate
On the hot seat? Don’t panic: Clarify matters by trotting out a toddler.

Issue #4: Does the Bible’s Silence Justify Abortion?
Answering the Theological Case for Abortion – Part I

Issue #5: Abortion: It’s Wrong Even if the Bible is Silent
Answering the Theological Case for Abortion – Part II

Issue #6: Does Exodus 21 Justify Elective Abortion?
Answering the Theological Case for Abortion – Part III

Issue #7: Imposing My Religion: Everyone Does Metaphysics
Senator Danforth’s alleged moral neutrality is not neutrality at all.

Issue #8: The Hard Cases Objection: Does Rape Justify Abortion?
How should we treat innocent human beings who remind us of a painful event?

Issue #9: Worse Than Abortion? 
To be worse than abortion, how bad would an unjust war have to be?

Issue #10: Are Embryos Constructed or Do They Develop?
Failure to answer this question correctly explains why so many people find pro-life views absurd.

Issue #11: How to Persuasively Communicate Your Pro-Life Views

Issue #12: My Body, My Choice? How to Defeat Bodily Autonomy Claims
Does a mother have no more duty to her own child than she does a total stranger who is unnaturally hooked up to her?

Issue #13: Dazed and Confused?
Alleged confusion over the question of when human life begins provides a crystal-clear reason to oppose abortion.

Issue #14: Neutrality is Impossible: A Debate Case Study

Issue #15: The Pro-Life Pastor: His Job Description and Your Responsibility

Issue #16: When A Pro-Life Pastor Votes Pro-Choice

Issue #17: Wisdom Calling
When it comes to speaking up for the unborn, pastors don’t just need courage; they need wisdom.

Issue #18: Kid Tactics: Keeping Cool When Things Get Personal

Issue #19: What if Susan Couldn’t Sing?
With an arsenal of good arguments, pro-life advocates do well to avoid the bad ones.

Issue #20: Clear Thinking When They Throw the Book at You

Issue #21: Abortion and Rape: Four Steps for Compassionate Engagement
In everyday conversations, make the point that both human beings, mother and child, deserve to be loved and protected.

Issue #22: Burning Fertility Clinics Do Not Kill the Pro-Life Argument
How does it follow that because you save one human over others, the ones left behind are not fully human and we may kill them?



Articles by LTI Staff


Scott Klusendorf: A Defense of Graphic Visuals: A Reply to an Angry Parent

Scott Klusendorf: The 2012 Elections: Five Questions for Pro-Life Advocates (Christian Research Journal,Vol.34, #6, 2011)

Scott Klusendorf, What the Walking Dead Can Teach Pro-Life Advocates, (Christian Research Journal, Vol. 34, #4 2011)

Bob Perry: Margaret Sanger: “No Gods, No Masters” (Christian Research Journal, vol. 33, no.04, 2010)

Bob Perry: Stem Cell Obfuscation (Christian Research Journal, vol. 33, no.03, 2010)

Scott Klusendorf: Clarity not Gadgetry: Pro-Life Apologetics for the Next Generation (Gospel Coalition, January 21, 2011)

Bob Perry: Cleverness Not Required, (Life Training Institute Website, January 2010)

Jay Watts: Abortion, Culture, and Cool, (Life Training Institute Website, January 2010)

Scott Klusendorf: Abortion & Health Care Reform: Knowing Right from Wrong (Christian Research Journal, January 2010)

Rich Poupard: Suffer the Violinist: Why the Pro-Abortion Argument from Bodily Autonomy Fails (Christian Research Journal, vol. 30, no. 4, 2007)

Scott Klusendorf: Betting the Farm: What Cloning Advocates Really Want (Christian Research Journal, vol. 29, 2006)

Scott Klusendorf: Should Christians Be Cobelligerents in Ecumenical Coalitions? (Christian Research Journal,vol. 29, no.3, 2006)

Scott Klusendorf: Dead Silence: Must the Bible Say Abortion is Wrong Before We Can Know That it’s Wrong? (Christian Research Journal, vol. 27, no. 1, 2004)

Scott Klusendorf: Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion (Issues Etc, January 2002)


“Interviews and Book Reviews”


The Case for Life: Aaron Brake from the Apologetic Junkie blog provides an outstanding, and in depth, review of Scott Klusendorf’s latest book.

Stayin Alive: Pro-Life Advocacy in the Obama Era, Justin Taylor interviews Scott Klusendorf: Topics include: How can pro-lifers stay focused when the political chips are down? What about those who say we should give up? Are Christians really spending too much time on politics? What should Christian leaders do right now to advance the pro-life casue? What does a basic pro-life cause look like? How does a Christian view of bioethics differ from its secular counterparts?

The Case for Life: Zack Nielsen Interviews Scott Klusendorf: Topics include: What mistakes do pro-lifers make communicating their views? Is war worse than abortion? Why do some Christians vote for pro-abortion presidential candidates? What is the book The Case for Life about? Is the pro-life cause hopeless? What role should pastors take on the abortion issue?

Is the Abortion Debate Over? Professor Micah Watson of Union University reviews Scott Klusendorf’s book, The Case for Life. Topics include: What is the current state of the debate? What kind of pro-life apologists are needed for the future?

The Current State of the Pro-Life Movement: Trevin Wax interviews Scott Klusendorf: Topics include: How should pro-life Christians respond to the killing of abortionist George Tiller? Does pro-life rhetoric lead to violence? Does recent polling data show a decisive shift to the pro-life view? What about President Obama’s speech at Notre Dame? In what ways did the President’s speech ignore the fundamental issue in the abortion debate? What do you hope to accomplish with the book The Case for Life?

Scott Klusendorf on Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Crossway Blog interview: Topics include: Is embryonic stem cell research morally complex? Should Christians oppose all stem cell research? What about leftover embryos? Do advocates of ESCR present a false choice between medical progress and moral principle? Why is the distinction between “reproductive” cloning and “therapeutic” cloning misleading?


LTI Newsletters


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Advanced Pro-Life Apologetics Notes: Biola University M.A. Course in Bioethics, September 16-18, 2010

A Response to Hillary Clinton on Abortion, by Scott Klusendorf and Aaron Brake