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After winning her first title at the age of 15, Jannique began speaking in schools and churches on topics including Raising up a Pro-life Generation and Sexual Integrity—The New Sex Revolution.

Jannique Stewart was born and raised in Europe and after her family moved to the United States for her high school years, Jannique competed for an Illinois State Title in a National Pageant and chose two issues that she felt most passionate about: Abortion and the sexualization of teens. After winning her first title at the age of 15, Jannique began speaking in schools and churches on topics including Raising up a Pro-life Generation and Sexual Integrity—The New Sex Revolution. After graduating from Greenville Liberal Arts College, she entered the field of Pharmaceuticals and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to the position of Corporate Sales Training Manager. Although she loved her job, she felt restless—she felt a passion to return to her first love: Speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Jannique left the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 and has never looked back. Jannique joined First Care Family Resources, the leading Crisis Pregnancy Centers in South Florida in 2005 as a ‘sexual purity’ speaker and educator for their Prevention Department. In 2010, Jannique became the Center Director for First Care’s Boca Raton Pregnancy Care Center, leading a team of women to provide counseling and ultrasounds to women faced with unplanned pregnancies and financial hardship.Jannique founded Love Protects in 2011, a ministry focused on biblical sexuality. She speaks to thousands of teens each year in order to help them connect sexual activity with abortion and to discover the importance of sexual chastity (purity).

Jannique’s experience as a Center Director for a Pregnancy Center, her vast experience speaking to teens, and her engaging speaking style, has led to many requests for her to speak about the unborn and the importance of respecting human life at pro-life rallies, churches, pregnancy centers, banquets, and schools around the world.

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“I would just like to say that many of the students came to me to find out if they could volunteer to work for your foundation!–they were that touched and moved by Jannique Stewart.  Having had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Stewart after her presentation, we decided that getting the students involved with an organization like Rachel’s Vineyard, would be a good start.  The students have approached me since the retreat, and I will be making contact with RV to get them going.
Thank you again, for sending such a dynamic individual, who was able to make a connection with out students, where they actually sought out an opportunity to make a difference.”

Camille Lewandowski Paramus Catholic High School
Paramus, New Jersey

“Jannique did an outstanding job; she was clear in her voice, and the message was delivered in a very welcoming but informed tone. She connected with the students and engaged well with our young men. It was all science and facts with no hysteria or emotionalism, which frequently turns people away from the topic.

As I looked around, it was clear they were listening with interest and respect. Jannique is a great rep for your institution. Jannique was able to tailor her remarks for an all male audience, and that was very effective. One of our long time priests said it’s the best pro-life presentations he’s heard in 30 years! Thanks!”

Fr. James Day DeMatha Catholic High School
Hyattsville, Maryland

“Once again, I have to say having Jannique visit our school is a true blessing every time. She has such a wonderful, upbeat spirit and speaks the Truth about life with so much love and understanding for her audience. She delivers a powerful, relevant message using technology and references to pop culture- captivating our students and inviting them to think critically about the human rights issue of our day. She also went out her way to stop in classrooms and cafeteria for some Q & A interaction.

Thanks again for all the Life Training Institute does and thanks to the benefactor who made this possible!”

Fr. John A. Rossi, S.T.L. Director of Catholic Identity, Paul VI High School
Haddonfield, New Jersey

“It was excellent in every respect. Jannique’s slides were clear and attractive. Her manner of speaking was friendly and engaging, but she was also logically rigorous at the same time. She really made the students think. She also covered all the topics I hoped she would in the limited time we allotted her, and she approached the whole subject in a very sensitive way. If she is ever in town again, let us know!”

Jon Clausing Director of Campus Ministry, Lutheran High School of St. Charles County
St. Peters, Missouri

“Having spent the last 15 years of my life in Catholic education, I’ve heard a number of excellent pro-life presentations, but none can approach the passion, accessibility, and thoroughness of the presentation you gave at our school. In my opinion, you set a new standard for how pro-life presentations should be done! You’re ability to capture the attention of 1000 teenage students for a full hour on the topic of abortion is the most telling example of how exceptional your presentation was. Both students and adults were fully engaged the entire time.

I attribute the audience engagement to your accessible style of speaking in explaining the heart of the abortion issue. Through the use of relatable examples and powerful analogies, you led our students and staff to the truth that all human life has value, even human life at its earliest stages of development. The concepts of human value and dignity that you presented are nothing new to the abortion issue, but there were many people who really understood if for the first time. Your words and your ministry are truly from the heart of God.

Any community that has the opportunity to hear you speak should take it! They will be enriched and blessed because of it. You are certainly welcome to come back to Saint John Vianney any time. We thank God for giving you such powerful gifts, and we thank you for sharing those gifts with us. May God continue to pour out his grace in your life, and through you change the hearts and minds of those who hear you speak.”

Jeff Johnson Campus Minister, Saint John Vianney
Holmdel, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for having Jannique come to speak with our community!! She did such a great job speaking to the sophomores about the reasons against abortion while reminding them just how valuable they each are. She also was able to go without any breaks through another 6 periods of classes talking to some senior and freshman classes about abortion. All the while keeping such a positive outlook. You are really blessed to have such a gifted speaker with you at LTI!!
Keep up the good work!”

Clay Bonham Director of Campus Ministry, Mount Saint Joseph High School
Baltimore, Maryland

“We are so grateful that Jannique was able to come to our school and speak! A couple of positives.
1. We were able to get a large number of students interested in our annual March For Life trip (So her effect on them was very tangible)
2. There was a great amount of discussion the rest of the week in religion classes
3. Perhaps the best credit should go to her willingness to talk to smaller groups of students during their religion classes. People said these were the best part of the whole experience, and something I’d be excited to replicate in the future.
4. Her talk was inspiring and the students appreciated having her visit! All in all it was a great day that I’m sure will bear a lot of fruit in the future! Thank you for your flexibility and encouragement. May God bless you!”

Fr. Ed Bresnahan Chaplain, Bishop Ireton High School
Alexandria, Virginia

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