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2022 2022
July 25, 2022 |

Crossway Podcast: Roe v. Wade Has Been Overturned. Now What?

Scott Klusendorf talks about what this decision means for the pro-life cause and how it...

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October 30, 2023 |

Lazy Name-Calling Does Not Defeat the Pro-life Cause

    Well that didn’t take long. As soon as news broke this week that...

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October 3, 2023 |

With Bulldog Determination: What a Civil War Battlefield Can Teach Pro-life Advocates

  In the summer of 1864, as the American Civil War was entering its final...

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September 18, 2023 |

Begging the Question At the Museum

If you visit the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in downtown Richmond, you will...

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August 14, 2023 |

How to Make the Most of Your Time as a Pro-life Student

  Welcome back students! Now that the summer is almost behind us and school is...

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July 28, 2023 |

How Much Does Consciousness Matter?

By now many have seen the debate or Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life and...

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July 4, 2023 |

Created Equal Or Equal By Function?

July 4th, 1776, one of the most important documents in human history was signed in...

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May 16, 2023 |

The Pro-life Position is Not About Taking Away Rights

A common question that has arisen in light of the Dobbs ruling last summer has...

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May 8, 2023 |

Pro-life Men Do Not Need To Get Vasectomies to Be Consistent

In the world of social media, it’s almost a self-evident truth that bad arguments will...

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April 27, 2023 |

How to Engage Bad Faith Actors With Grace And Clarity

We’ve all had it happen.  As soon as you finish explaining your pro-life views to...

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April 20, 2023 |

Are Pro-lifers Forced Birth Extremists? Pt. 2

In a post not too long ago, I explained some of the ways pro-lifers can...

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