Pro-Life Organizations

Justice for All A large pro-life exhibit on college campuses around the nation. If you want to make abortion the talk of your campus, JFA will train you how to do it in a gracious yet compelling way.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Pioneered the use of visual aids on college campuses, and its Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) has reached over one hundred campuses with displays depicting the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion. The group also has offices in Canada.

Priests for Life Provides resources to the entire pro-life movement, with a special emphasis on the pro-life teaching of the Catholic Church.

National Right to Life Great for legislative updates and information on life issues such as abortion and euthanasia. A comprehensive, online abortion education effort aimed specifically at students.

Students for Life of America Provides college students with resources for starting a campus pro-life chapter. The organization also hosts an annual conference in Washington D.C.


Pregnancy Care Center Networks

Care-Net Supports a network of over 700 pregnancy centers in the United States and Canada, offering free pregnancy tests, peer counseling, post-abortion support and other practical help.

Heartbeat International serves over 800 affiliates in the United States and in many countries overseas, providing them with education, training, and support. The website includes a world-wide directory of pregnancy help centers.

Abortion Changes You A site for post-abortion men and women who wish to begin the process of healing.


Christian Apologetics Organizations

Stand to Reason provides articles on a wide variety of subjects including abortion, homosexuality, origins, and Christian apologetics.

Summit Ministries offers a two-week summer conference for high school and college students convering topics such as apologetics, worldview analysis, ethics (including abortion), origins, and America’s Christian Heritage. The website contains essays on Christian apologetics and worldview.

Eternal Perspectives Ministries has Randy Alcorn’s articles on apologetics, Christian living, culture, and ethics (including abortion).

Reasonable Faith is the website of Dr. William Lane Craig. The site contains both popular and academic articles on Christian apologetics, as well as transcripts of Dr. Craig’s debates with atheists.

Paul contains essays and articles on defending the Christian worldview by one of my favorite Christian thinkers. is the archived site for Dr. J.P. Moreland’s essays defending theism. The site also contains reviews and summaries of Dr. Moreland’s books. features the work of one of the premier experts on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. is the website for Chuck Colson’s voluminous writings on politics, justice, and bioethics.