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Life Training Institute Speaking Team

For Catholic Schools

For Protestant Schools

John Stonestreet of BreakPoint Endorses LTI’s Speaking Team

“Defending Your Beliefs on Hostile Turf”–
Scott speaks to 1,800 students in Washington D.C.

From Wretched TV; Todd Friel & Scott
Klusendorf discuss how to defeat most
Pro Abortion arguments using SLED.

Scott Klusendorf: Women’s Pregnancy Centers of Tucson

Scott Klusendorf: This is Abortion Video shown at Pregnancy Center Banquet

Jay Watts – The Central Issue
in the Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Debate

Jay Watts – Do All Human Beings Have A Right To Life?

Scott Klusendorf debates former
ACLU President Nadine Strossen at Westmont College

Scott Klusendorf shows the This Is Abortion video clip
as part of his presentation at a Christian high school.

Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity
interviews Scott Klusendorf.