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Megan, a former University of Georgia gymnast, was a part of the 2002 SEC Championship team. She worked as an award-winning journalist until 2008, joined Life Training Institute in 2009, and was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University in 2011. Megan and her husband, Tripp, who serves as a pastor and a gymnastics coach, have been married since 2003 and have two children, Neely and Rogan. Megan enjoys spending time with her family at their log cabin in Newnan, Ga., and is still known to practice handstands in her living room and occasionally coach the sport she still loves. She has served as faculty at Summit Ministries and Impact 360. She has spoken to high school-and-college assemblies and classrooms, conferences, youth organizations, women’s groups, and congregations across the nation on topics including:

  • The Case for Life — Communicating and defending the pro-life view persuasively and graciously
  • Christianity as a Worldview — Thinking about Christianity as a worldview and how that impacts the whole Christian
  • The Resurrection: A B.E.A.R. of an Argument — Sharing and defending the truth of the Resurrection of Christ winsomely and convincingly.

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I’d have to say that Megan is a first-rank communicator. Not only does she carry a solid knowledge base in ethics, philosophy, theology, Bible, and science, but she can integrate it all and communicate it all like a pro. On top of that she has a wonderful stage presence — authentic and exciting — and knows how to read an audience. I found her talks very interesting and engaging, and at the same time sensitive and full of life. She has what it takes to communicate pro-life issues and apologetics to everyone from junior high students to university academics. She is one of the best big-platform speakers I’ve seen in a long time.

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Christian Apologetics Graduate Program
Biola University



Megan communicates in a sound and relevant way for people of all ages. Her commitment to the gospel and truth repeatedly surface both in public speaking as well as in personal conversation.

Alex Early
Pastor of Teaching and Theology, Redemption Church (Seattle)

Your talk has taught me a lot of important tips on how to argue. You also helped me see ways to show my point of view. The three-year-old argument has helped me a lot. This weekend I actually used your argument to change the mind of one of my friends who wanted to have an abortion.

(Excerpt from a letter from Melissa, a student at John Carroll Catholic High School in Birmingham, AL)

Thank you for using your gifts for the glory of God and the protection of His children. College is a critical time for presenting the truth about abortion. Campus can seem like a battleground for our minds and bodies over the abortion issue and sadly there are clouds of smoke that disguise the evil and hide the hope of healing. The “rhetoric of the abortion debate” is one such smoke cloud — I am excited for us to learn from you how to effectively communicate the pro-life message. You are a blessing to us and to the GT campus!

Monica Cahal
President of Students for Life at Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA


meganThe chapel presentation by Megan Almon on April 25, 2013, was all we had hoped for and more. She did a masterful job presenting the very thought-provoking and biblically clear position on the value of life from the beginning.

Not only was the chapel a special time, but Megan made herself available to classes afterward to allow students to ask questions and learn more. I heard nothing but appreciation and positive comments about her engaging way of interacting with our high school students. I firmly believe our students and staff are in a much better position to talk in a reasoned way about the issue of who the unborn really is and the implications that flow from that issue.

Thanks again for your help. I would encourage other schools to consider the opportunity to prepare young people to intelligently and gracefully express a position that honors life and the God who creates it from that very first cell.

Len McWilliams
Headmaster of Calvary Christian School Columbus, GA


Savannah Christian Upper School was challenged by the message that Megan Almon brought to them on April 10, 2013. She brought clarity to the subject of abortion for our upper school students in a way that many had never heard. Megan is a gifted speaker and her message is especially effective as a young woman speaking to many young women. Her ability to hold the attention of students was evident as they listened to her articulate defense of the unborn. Her presentation was factual, logical, and practical.

After hearing her message the students considered and discussed the topic of abortion in a way that they had not done so in the past. Their discussions took place both inside and outside of the classroom. The students in the Peer Leadership class said they most appreciated that Megan offered scientific arguments and did not limit herself to religious arguments. They said they had often heard what they considered personal religious beliefs, but they had never heard what they felt was a much more factual argument. They believe the information they received from Megan will help them when they go to college. They also appreciated that Megan spoke to them as adults.

While in conversation with students, Megan respected the gravity of the subject as well as their feelings and emotions. She did not deliver glib answers to their questions. Every answer was prefaced with an expression of her compassion for those people in difficult situations. Her message will not be soon forgotten.

Sharon Brown
Upper School Savannah Christian Preparatory School Savannah, GA


Megan did a phenomenal job engaging the students and kept their attention the entire time she spoke. She did a great job applying relevant, real world examples and also used engaging analogies. I was very impressed.

Sr. Kierstin
Principal of Pensacola Catholic High School


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