Jay Watts

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Jay Watts is a speaker and writer for LTI. He served as Development Coordinator at Cobb Pregnancy Services for 3 years, experiencing first-hand the powerful impact pregnancy centers have on their communities. He started contributing to the LTI Blog in 2007 and joined as full-time staff in 2010. Jay speaks to churches, youth groups, school assemblies, and other organizations throughout the United States on topics including The Case for Life and understanding the Christian worldview. He has trained groups at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Harvard University, University of Illinois, Auckland University (New Zealand), and many other universities, participated in multiple apologetics conferences, and been interviewed on radio and television on the issue of the value of human life. Jay is also a contributing researcher to Summit Ministries’ Understanding the Times curriculum. He is an associate member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.Jay is a native of Marietta, Georgia – a suburb of Atlanta – and resides there with his wife and three children.

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Excerpts from presentation at Fellowship Bible Church, Murfreesboro, TN – The Central Issue in the Abortion Debate & Do All Human Beings Have a Right to Life?

SALT Conference, Montgomery, AL (Full Presentation begins at the 1m34s mark) – The Case for Life

On-air exchange (11 Alive News) with the President of the Atlanta Chapter of Planned Parenthood discussing the rul- ing to allow Plan B over the counter.

Jay Watts Pro-Life Presentation Promotion

Full Length Presentation

Use of Abortion Images


Jay knows his stuff. But what’s even more important for your group is that he really knows how to communicate it in a clear and compelling way. I am very glad that we had Jay in to speak to our church about the #1 human rights issue of our day. I hope you will as well. We can’t afford to be silent because innocent human lives are at stake every day. Jay can help you engage this issue with confidence.

Jonathan Morrow
Founder of www.ThinkChristianly.org and the author of several books including, Think Christianly: Looking at the Intersection of Faith and Culture and Welcome to College: A Christ-follower’s Guide for the Journey


While Jay is an exceptionally gifted man, the thing that most encourages me is his heart. Jay loves God and loves people. God’s love and grace have given Jay the heart of a servant. This is expressed by his humility and genuine desire to use his gifts to serve the body of Christ and God’s purposes in this generation. God has also given Jay exceptional ability to grasp deep and profound truths. He is then able to communicate these truths with humility, boldness, and passion that both inspires and equips his listeners. His presentations are engaging, challenging, and encouraging. So it is without any hesitation or reservation that I encourage you to consider allowing Jay to serve your church or gathering. You will not be disappointed by either his heart or by his ability. His ministry will be of great value to you and to your group. Jimmy Wolfe
One Church, Atlanta, GA



Jay is jaywatts2011an effective communicator in the arena of defending the lives of the unborn for the following two reasons: 1) Jay presents the case from a strong platform convincingly built on the truths of theology, philosophy, science, and the current culture; and 2) Jay conveys his message with both the heartfelt passion of someone genuinely concerned about the lives of unborn children but also a heartfelt compassion for those in desperate need of hope. You’ll be touched by Jay’s message and the way he delivers it.

Paul H. Jimenez
Senior Pastor
Taylors First Baptist Church, Taylors, SC


(An excerpt from a letter from the organizer of the Georgia Men’s Advance after Jay was a keynote speaker in 2008)

The feedback from the men was tremendous as you shared the importance and manner of personal witnessing in today’s society. Also, your testimony on Sunday morning was very inspiring and uplifting to the men. This was very evident from the requests for the CD’s and DVD’s of your sharing on Sunday morning…

You were a great blessing to hundreds of men and I am sure that this is only an example of what God has in store for you.

James M. Rogers
International Director
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International


Jay is intentional about reaching the world with a clear message on Hope even when it cannot be seen, felt, or sensed.

Jay works out of the overflow of a heart that is fed by the Lord. When speaking, one can sense the authority placed on him by the Holy Spirit. The type of authority that is hungry for God’s justice and willing to step out on faith to proclaim the Truth.

Jay is fighting this “right to choose” epidemic at all cost. He exposes it for what it is, an epidemic that shows itself when we’re in a crisis and want instant closure.

Pat MacPherson
Men Abiding in Christ Ministries, Marietta, GA


I wanted to let you know that Jay did an absolutely wonderful presentation at Blessed Trinity. The 1,000 student body gave him a standing ovation. All of the feedback that I personally received was positive. He took questions as well. He stayed within our time constraints too. It truly was excellent.

Brian Marks
Assistant Principal
Blessed Trinity Catholic High School-Archdiocese of Atlanta, Roswell, GA


Jay was simply outstanding! I honestly can’t find one constructively critical thing to say. It was perfect in content and delivery. 

Everett Piper
Oklahoma Wesleyan University


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