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Jannique Stewart was born and raised in Europe and after her family moved to the United States for her high school years, Jannique competed for an Illinois State Title in a National Pageant and chose two issues that she felt most passionate about: Abortion and the sexualization of teens. After winning her first title at the age of 15, Jannique began speaking in schools and churches on topics including Raising up a Pro-life Generation and Sexual Integrity—The New Sex Revolution. After graduating from Greenville Liberal Arts College, she entered the field of Pharmaceuticals and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to the position of Corporate Sales Training Manager. Although she loved her job, she felt restless—she felt a passion to return to her first love: Speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Jannique left the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 and has never looked back.Jannique joined First Care Family Resources, the leading Crisis Pregnancy Centers in South Florida in 2005 as a ‘sexual purity’ speaker and educator for their Prevention Department. In 2010, Jannique became the Center Director for First Care’s Boca Raton Pregnancy Care Center, leading a team of women to provide counseling and ultrasounds to women faced with unplanned pregnancies and financial hardship.Jannique founded Love Protects in 2011, a ministry focused on biblical sexuality. She speaks to thousands of teens each year in order to help them connect sexual activity with abortion and to discover the importance of sexual chastity (purity).

Jannique’s experience as a Center Director for a Pregnancy Center, her vast experience speaking to teens, and her engaging speaking style, has led to many requests for her to speak about the unborn and the importance of respecting human life at pro-life rallies, churches, pregnancy centers, banquets, and schools around the world.

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Jannique was our guest speaker in chapel this morning. Wow! I am so grateful for her gracious, honest and humble presentation of the truths surrounding the pro-life/pro-choice movements and the resounding good news of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ. She is a dynamic, beautiful communicator and an invaluable voice in today’s youth culture.

Julie Rice

Director of Enrollment
Lakeland Christian School, Lakeland, FL


Jannique, your presentation was incredible, awesome, and such an informative workshop for our parents about the various consequences of sexual activity with our teens. You have a God-given gift for speaking to parents and students in giving them a reality check in a God-honoring, professional manner. Thank you again for doing such a terrific job.

Jonathan K. Otto

Elementary Principal
The Kings Academy, West Palm Beach, FL


Jannique, you did a fabulous job tonight equipping our High School and College groups to defend life and “How To Make the Case to Defend Life.” As you spoke I prayed that the truth would be revealed to our young people. Your techniques really grabbed their attention. Your PowerPoint was terrific and really enhanced your message. I know that some of the young people probably came in with no opinion one way or the other, and some came in tonight standing on the wrong side of the issue. You effectively defended the pro-life position, and I’m certain dispelled confusion and deception in many of their minds. We will never know how many young people have now made a right choice about where to stand on the issue as a result of your visit to our youth group, but I think it is safe to assume that quite a few did. Thank you, thank you, thank you for defend- ing truth and teaching truth so effectively! You are a blessing to us!”

Cathy Karpinen

Membership Care
Victory Christian Center, Boca Rotan, FL


Jannique, thank you SO much for coming last week to teach a life skills class. It was wonderful having you. The kids always learn so much from you about the consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage and how abortion takes a human being’s life. The students always love hearing you speak. We hope to have you come back in the future.

Linsey Driskill

Villages of Hope, Lake Park, FL


Jannique, you are a gifted speaker, Jannique; you have truly been blessed by God. And your faith literally makes your face glow as you speak. You are a true inspiration. Because of you I want to commit my life to being sexually pure and to defending unborn babies. I never thought about them as whole human beings or whole persons until you came to our church. I was a “pro-choice” Christian until I heard you speak today – now I am officially a ‘pro-choice’ Christian in every situation because they deserve the right to life as much as I do. Thank you for your courage today, my life has now changed.


High School Student
New Beginnings Chapel, Lake Worth, FL


Miss Jannique, thank you so much for coming to Palm Beach Atlantic University earlier this week and talking about the Pro- Life issue. I was not expecting to hear such relevant and life-changing information today. To be honest, I showed up this week to chapel just to receive chapel credit and I intended to sit there and study for my exam that I have next hour. But from the second you walked on stage I was riveted by your information about the injustice of abortion. I have always been on the fence on this issue, thinking that God is pro-choice that’s why he gives us “Free Will”; but after hearing you speak I am no longer on the fence.

You asked us about our worldview and until you spoke I would have checked off the biblical worldview box because I go to church and attend a Christian college. But after all the information you presented I realize that I have a very secular worldview which is why my beliefs don’t line up with what I claim to believe. They certainly don’t line up with the Bible.

I am ashamed that for so long I was afraid to voice my opinion in fear of what others might think. I am ashamed that I encouraged one of my own friends (last semester) here at PBA, a Christian college, to seek an abortion if she really thought she couldn’t have the child. I was so weak, I just didn’t want to lose friends. She took that awful advice and had an abortion. I can’t help but think that I was part of her support system that encouraged her to do what you said should be “the unthinkable choice.” I will never do that again! I made a vow today to stand for life even when it is unpopular.

PS: I didn’t study at all during your presentation and I still got a B on my Biology Exam. Inspired to Stand for Truth.

Don’t stop what you are doing, it is so important to save lives.

Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL


Thank you for making the arrangements for our students to hear the inspiring presentation given by Jannique Stewart. The reaction from the girls was so positive, and why wouldn’t it be? This afternoon the freshmen wrote their evaluations and almost every one of the 70 girls gave Jannique a rating of 5 (out of 5). We also asked them to write down the five most important things they heard during these two days and they wrote about abortion and all of its implications and the value of life as one of the most important things they heard. 

Sister Mary Anne Katlack
Mother Seton Regional High School, Clark, N.J.


Thank you so much for sharing your ministry with us. Jannique was fabulous!
Her message was loud and clear yet filled with so much compassion and hope. It is now Wednesday and we are still talking about the many issues she presented.  

Cynthia Garcia
Cathedral High School, NYC 


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