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JamesJenkinsJames grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised primarily by his mother and grandmother along with his 6 siblings. Baseball was his first love while growing up and he dreamed of playing in the major leagues; he never made it but still loves to play. He attended Eastern Michigan University for a couple of years and eventually ended up in sales. James became the top salesperson in his company and excelled to the top selling manager and Area Supervisor and has won several national awards as well as trained and developed hundreds of salespeople during his distinguished career.

The home James grew up in was a Christian home and while kids today are home schooled, he was “home churched.” There was a group which had church in each other’s homes on a rotating basis and were constantly praying for the homeless, feeding them and clothing them. Like many church kids, he left the Christian faith as a young adult and then returned later in life.

Since returning James has served his church as a youth leader, adult Sunday school and as an Elder. When one of his siblings started challenging his Christian faith, he started looking for answers which led him to Christian Apologetics. James became a fierce defender of the Christian faith and helps others to do the same. While attending a debate at U.C. Berkeley he was taken in by the arguments and demeanor of the pro-life defender that evening, LTI President Scott Klusendorf. They struck up a friendship and eventually James was invited to be a part of the LTI Team. He is a 2013 graduate of Cross Examiner’s Instructor’s Academy and volunteers with California Pro-Life Council as well. James lives in Roseville, California, has been married to his beautiful wife Carrie since 1997, and they have 2 teen aged daughters, Jaleesa and Jessica.

Appearances include:

Life Community Church – Roseville, CA

Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church – Newark, CA

Sacramento County Republican Party

Knights of Columbus – Oak Harbor Washington

O’dea High School – Seattle Washington

California Pro-Life Council – Sacramento, California


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