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Brian is a dynamic and energetic speaker whose experience in the world of global business enables him to use accessible stories and ideas to connect with his audiences as he contends for the lives of the unborn. He understands the objections and pressures students face regarding the abortion debate and is skilled at equipping and motivating students to persuade others regarding human value and worth of the unborn.

Brian graciously and winsomely makes the case for life in his presentations to schools in classrooms and assemblies, youth groups, churches, and other organizations across Oklahoma and the surrounding states. He focuses on building trust with his audience through common connections that help lead to common understanding.

From his earliest days, Brian was raised in a family that emphasized through both word and deed that the unborn are distinct, living and whole human beings worthy of our protection. As a graduate of Chuck Colson’s Centurion program, Summit Ministries Worldview Training, and Focus Leadership Institute Worldview training, Brian has devoted himself to advocating for the lives of the unborn at every opportunity.

Brian is an author, a graduate of Virginia Tech and “engineer-turned-finance-guy.” He serves on the Board of Directors for Life Training Institute and lives in the Oklahoma City metro with his wife and four children.