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Bob Perry is a trained apologist who earned his M.A., Christian Apologetics (Highest Honors) from Biola University in 2006. He has taught and spoken about apologetic topics at Miami (Ohio) University, University of Cincinnati, Indiana Wesleyan University, Cincinnati Christian University, and at several high schools and churches in the greater Cincinnati area. He has also been interviewed on the radio about pro-life issues on: The John & Stephanie Show, the Christian Research Institute’s Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff and Posmodern Realities podcasts, and on Issues Etc. Lutheran radio. In 2010, Bob traveled to Seoul and Daejeon, South Korea representing LTI and spoke to several thousand high school and college students, college faculty, and at numerous churches about defending the pro-life view.

A contributing writer for the Christian Research Journal, Bob has written about “personhood” issues, the philosophical underpinnings of the abortion industry, and stem cell research. His writing has been published in Touchstone, Marriage Partnership, The Family Digest, Air Line Pilot, as a Guest Columnist in the Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as multiple appearances in both The Lookout and the Christian Research Journal.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he earned a B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Bob spent eight years as an aviator and tactical instructor pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps flying the AV-8B Harrier. He currently serves as a Captain for a major U.S. airline. Bob has been married since 1985 and has five grown sons who all serve in the U.S. Military. He is a certified apologist, instructor, and speaker for: CrossExamined (general apologetics), Reasons To Believe (scientific apologetics), and the Life Training Institute (pro-life apologetics).