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Aaron Brake

Aaron grew up in a Christian home but it wasn’t until he began engaging in conversations with non-Christian friends and family members that he was challenged to start examining what he believed and why he believed it. It was during this journey into apologetics that Aaron discovered the solid, rational basis for the Christian worldview. This quickly developed into a passion to share the truth of Christianity and help equip the church to engage the culture. In his early twenties, largely influenced through the writings and work of Scott Klusendorf and Greg Koukl, Aaron began to grasp the importance and moral significance of the abortion debate. Since then he has felt a tremendous burden to help defend the unborn and see abortion ended in his generation.

Aaron completed his BA in Criminal Justice from Columbia College in 2008 and went on to pursue his MA in Christian Apologetics at Biola University where he graduated in 2011 with highest honors. His love for education and the Biola community led him to start a second MA at Talbot School of Theology with a focus in theology and philosophy. Since the birth of his fourth child he has taken time off to focus on family but hopes to return soon to complete his degree. He has worked in law enforcement for 14 years and in his spare time enjoys reading, writing, and power lifting. He lives with his wife and four children in Southern California.

Aaron has spoken at school assemblies, youth groups, and churches on a variety of topics including general apologetics, abortion, moral relativism, world religions, systematic theology, and hermeneutics. He is honored to be part of the LTI team as a speaker and apologist.