About Us


LTI was started by our president Scott Klusendorf in order to create a ministry that focused entirely on pro-life issues with the goal of maximizing its impact through single minded dedication. Simply stated, our sole purpose is to train others to save lives. That’s what we’re all about.

The LTI message is centered on the humanity of the unborn, expressed in one question: What are they?

Are the unborn members of the human family? Scientific evidence supports our position that life begins at conception. The philosophical argument is also made that no essential difference exists between human life before or after birth. The logical fallacies of pro-choice rhetoric are then naturally exposed in the light of reason without the need of vitriol and angry dialogue. We equip pro-life advocates to make our case in an attractive, winsome, and compelling manner.



Life Training Institute trains Christians and pro-life advocates to persuasively defend their views in the marketplace of ideas by clearly presenting the pro-life position in live events and through the full use of modern media including the internet, radio, television, and the publication of books and articles.

Though our arguments are rooted in science and philosophy, the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to our presentations and our goals as it is the means by which the suffering, guilt, and division caused by this issue are healed and people are restored.



The LTI vision is to create a team of effective presenters, writers, and speakers and build a support staff of promotional professionals to maximize our ability to offer our resources and training throughout the United States. We emphasize professionalism, creativity, and impact while evaluating our methods to be certain that we are using all of the tools available to us to serve our mission.

Though our primary focus is the United States, we take advantage of targeted international opportunities where we feel that our participation could help foster relationships and provide resources that will help generate a sustainable movement or support an existing effort in the countries in question.


LTI Methods

Our mission is simply stated as the training of others to defend the sanctity of human life. Our methods for serving that mission include but are not limited to:

  • Live presentations in schools and universities.
  • Speaking at pregnancy center banquets to help raise their needed financial support while equipping and motivating their donors.
  • Interviews and discussions on radio programs and other media outlets.
  • Debates organized by university campus student organizations to demonstrate how a reasonable, rational, and convincing
    dialogue can be managed at an academic level.
  • The publication of books and articles.
  • The use of internet tools and networks to reach our audience.

We are dedicated to the full time defense of the inherent value of all human life and preparing others to answer the challenge of a culture that is increasingly hostile to that principle. In order to serve our mission effectively, LTI continuously evaluates our methods and our goals in order to be good stewards with the time and talents that God has given us and to effectively train the largest possible audience to defend innocent human life.