LTI Videos

Life Training Institute Speaking Team

“Defending Your Beliefs on Hostile Turf”–
Scott speaks to 1,800 students in Washington D.C.

From Wretched TV; Todd Friel & Scott
Klusendorf discuss how to defeat most
Pro Abortion arguments using SLED.

Scott Klusendorf: Women’s Pregnancy Centers of Tucson

Scott Klusendorf: This is Abortion Video shown at Pregnancy Center Banquet

Jay Watts – The Central Issue
in the Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Debate

Jay Watts – Do All Human Beings Have A Right To Life?

Scott Klusendorf debates former
ACLU President Nadine Strossen at Westmont College

Scott Klusendorf shows the This Is Abortion video clip
as part of his presentation at a Christian high school.

Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity
interviews Scott Klusendorf.